Dr. Shipman was more than wonderful. She saw me struggling to wrangle my two year old daughter and 1 year old (70 lb) fur child in the parking lot and rushed out to help. She was so friendly and very helpful. Hands down, this is the best veterinarian clinic we’ve ever been to. Even my poor pup enjoyed his visit at South County Animal Clinic and was feeling better shortly after we left.
~ Kimber Lee

Highly recommend! They are very knowledgeable, and genuinely love and care about your furry family members.
~ Elise Nelson

My dog had part of his eyelid ripped in a scuffle with another dog. I was able to get right in to South County Animal Clinic to see Dr. Gann. He was able to get a stitch in the wound and get my dog all fixed up. He and the Vet Tech stayed late to get me everything that I needed. My follow ups with Dr. Shipman also went very well. She took the time to answer all my questions and check on my dog’s wound. I would highly recommend this place!!
~ Josh Smith

Have been here only a handful of times, but very pleased each time. Its at a great location right off the highway and very easy to get to. Dr. Shipman and her staff were very nice and informative and have started to remember us already after only a handful of visits.
~ James Eaton

We had a great experience at South County. They have a brand new office that is gorgeous. But I was most impressed with the care that my dog received. Staff was professional and fun. The vet was great and so loving with our dog!
~ Google User